Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Food Network Chefs Cooking Challenge

I just got home from Julie & Julia. Of course I'm inspired to cook with goals in mind. I don't think mastering French cooking would go over well with three kids under the age of six. Trying to figure out WHO I would want to cook with, I headed over to my favorite place, The Food Network. I love me some Food Network but there are just too many chefs to choose from (far more than I realized). SO, I thought maybe I could tackle a recipe from one each week, using the list at the bottom of the page.

Anyone up for the challenge? What is nice about this is that everyone has access to the recipes on the website (no cookbook to buy), there are usually many to choose from (dessert, dinner, you name it), and it would be great to see how other bloggers liked the recipes they chose (worth trying or don't bother).

As it turns out, there are 52 chefs listed. How perfect. It could be a year long adventure. I would put up a Mr. Linky every Wednesday that you could link your recipe/review post for the featured chef (not a blogger? just email me your recipe/review). I wouldn't start until September 2 (I need to remember how to make a button:). If nothing inspired you that week, skip it and post when something does. Care to join me?

Aaron McCargo, Jr. - #1 posted September 2, 2009
Adam Gertler - OK, so he isn't a chef...but a host so let's skip him.
Aida Mollenkamp - #2 posted September 9, 2009
Alexandra Guarnaschelli -#3 posted September 16, 2006
Alton Brown - #4 posted September 23, 2009
Anne Burrell - #5 posted September 30, 2009
Bob Blumer - not a chef.....skip
Bobby Flay - #6 posted October 7, 2009 - I would like to try an entire month of Bobby Flay recipes!
Bobby and Jamie Deen - #7 no recipes on FN so let's do a Paula Deen recipe instead (it's a long time until we get to her again and she has a TON of recipes :) If you have one of their cookbooks, feel free to use a recipe from there! - posted October 14, 2009 WAIT - they do have some reicpes if you do a search for "Lady and Sons" decide :)

Brian Boitano - #8 posted October 21, 2009
Bruce Seidel - not a chef, Food Network's Senior Vice President of Program Planning and Special Productions, skip...
Cat Cora - #9 posted October 28, 2009
Chris Cognac - not a chef, skip
Claire Robinson - #10 posted November 4, 2009
Daisy Martinez - #11 posted November 11, 2009
Danny Boome
- #12 posted November 18, 2000

Skip November 25 Happy Thanksgiving!
Dave Lieberman - #13 posted December 2, 2009
Duff Goldman - #14 posted December 9, 2009 - no recipes, decorate a cake or cupcakes and post!
Ellie Krieger - #15 posted December 16, 2009

Emeril Lagasse - #16 posted December 23, 2009

**we took a week off around the holidays so the schedule got pushed back a week - now correct!
George Duran - #17 posted January 6, 2010
Giada De Laurentiis - #18 posted January 13, 2010
Guy Fieri - #19 posted January 20, 2010
Ina Garten - #20 posted January 27, 2010
Ingrid Hoffmann - #21 posted February 3, 2010
Jack Hourigan - host, no recipes, skip...
Jamie Oliver - #22 posted February 10, 2010
Jeff Corwin - host, no recipes, skip....
Jeff Henderson - host, no recipes, skip...
Jim O'Connor - host, no recipes, skip...
Keegan Gerhard host...
Kevin Brauch host...
Marc Summers host...
Mario Batali #23 posted February 17, 2010
Mark Dacascos host...
Mary Nolan - only 7 recipes, so share on #24 posted February 24, 2010
Masaharu Morimoto only 3 recipes, so share on #24 posted February 24, 2010
Melissa d'Arabian only 23 recipes, so share on #24 posted February 24, 2010
Michael Chiarello #25 post March 3, 1010
Michael Symon #26 - post March 10, 2010
Nigella Lawson #27 - post March 17, 2010
Patrick and Gina Neely #28 - post March 24, 2010
Paula Deen #29 - post March 31, 2010
Rachael Ray #30 - post April 7, 2010
Robert Irvine #31 - post April 14, 2010
Robin Miller #32 - post April 21, 2010
Sandra Lee #33 - post April 28, 2010
Sunny Anderson #34 post May 5, 2010
Ted Allen host...
The Hearty Boys hosts...
Tyler Florence #35 post May 12, 2010
Warren Brown #36 post May 19, 2010

So it didn't turn out to be nearly a year but we will have cooked through all of the chefs!
Wanna cook with me?


  1. I think this sounds like a blast! I'm always up for trying new recipes =)

  2. I am not much of a cook but I will watch you.

  3. I just saw that movie yesterday too. I'm up for giving it a try.

  4. hubby does most of the cooking...he is so much better at it! LOL I will step back and watch you though...

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment on my new blog make-over...


  5. I am intrigued....still settling into my new blog, but sounds like a fun project. Count me in at least occasionally, especially on Alton's day! *swoon*

    Christie at

  6. I am having no luck finding recipes for the second guy, am I blind or something?

  7. My friend SnoWhite from Joy in My kitchen told me about this challenge. I am SO in!

  8. How fun. I want to join!

  9. When my kitchen is done, I am totally in. I can't wait to cook again.

  10. I heard about this from SnoWhite at Joy in My Kitchen as well. I am excited to try this.

  11. Hi! I just heard about this challenge from another blog and I had to head over here right away! I'm a major food network fan and I would love to try this challenge! I'm really excited to start!

  12. Hi Sarah,

    I've been watching Food Network since 2001 and did a total of two recipes. From the cooking/doing standpoint it looks like I'm not a Food Network fan, but I tune into this channel almost everyday! :) I would love to do some more meals using recipes from Food Network so I'm up to the challenge! I have a blog specially for my cooking endeavors so this will work out great. I can't wait to find my first recipe! BTW, I learned about your challenge through my mother who came across SnoWhite's post (Joy in My Kitchen blog). ~Rebekah

  13. I found you through another blog and I absolutely LOVE this idea!! I might give it a try starting next week:-)


    I didn't know where to post and I will be at work all day today.

  15. What a fantastic idea! I'll try to keep up!

  16. I just added your button to my blog so I could remember! I'm excited!

  17. This is a great idea. I am not sure I can take on another challenge but I am willing to look into it. Thanks for doing this.

  18. Now this sounds like a fun challenge. I just found it on another blog and think I'll try to join in. I'll jump in next week and then try to make up the couple of people I missed.

  19. Ooh Ooh I want to join in...can I? Is it too late?

  20. I think this sounds great, just found this.. I may be too late to enter for the 13th but Id love to try the next time around:)

  21. I love this idea! I am one of the admin for I Heart Cooking Clubs, we do one chef for 6 months. This theme is so fun too! Is it too late to join in?

  22. I'm hoping to get my act together enough to participate from time to time since this sounds/looks like a lot of fun!!! (Oh, and for what it's worth if anything at all ... Adam Gertler actually IS a chef who just happens to host a show on FN that doesn't necessarily involve him cooking. Same with Ted Allen.)

  23. Hihi Sarah,

    I just wanted to say thank you VERY MUCH for this idea. I was going to start doing it but got in just as you started the last week. I talked with some of my IRL friends and we started it up again. I made sure to credit you with the original idea and we've been having a blast. Thank you very much and I hope everything is going great for you!


    Link for my FNCCC if you are okay w/that.