Monday, November 28, 2016

4 Nails is All I Can Handle

A friend of mine was sitting in a waiting room recently and found herself with a teen magazine as her only reading material.  What she gleaned from it was priceless to me.  First, clumpy mascara is in....sorry, can't get on board with that one.  I would feel the need to explain it to everyone.  Not for me.  The one that I can fully embrace is painting only 2 of your fingernails on each hand.  THIS, my friends, is brilliant.  I like the look of painted nails but they chip so quickly and redoing nails so often is impossible for me to keep up with.  But 4 nails...I can keep up with 4 nails.

Since doing this last night it has been going over and over in my head.  Life is like the 4 painted nails.  I can't do it all.  It's me outwardly showing that yes, a full set of painted nails would be nice, but I cannot do it.  It's a display of me and my hot mess.  I don't need to put on a facade of being all put together.  Every time I look at my 4 nails I am reminded of doing only what I can handle, and it brings me joy!