Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reuse Play-Doh Containers with Math Toss Game

I had several empty play-doh containers and just had to do something with them.  My students love to work on their math skills in all different ways.  This is a good game to use their motor skills as well as their math skills.  Have them toss 2 pom poms into the cups.  They add these numbers.  For my students with strong math skills, they can do it in their heads.  For students that need to work out the problem, they can use a white board to draw and add dots.

This would also work with older kids with subtraction or multiplication.  More rows of cups could easily be added.  This could be used with letters as well.....say a word that starts with the letter__....
 You could change the pom pom to an acorn for a fall unit or a plastic egg for spring.
Find anything that is safely tossed.

I will make more of these for several students to use them at the same time.  They come apart for easy storage or would stack nicely as well. 

Don't have play-dough containers?  Use the plastic cups that so easily accumulate from kid drinks at restaurants.  Just think of the possibilities :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Preschool Snacks

This was my last week of having the snack basket.  Ever.  :(

Goldfish "Carrots" - all over Pintrest
I improvised with the long pretzel bags.

Carrot Garden Pudding Cups
(carrots made out of orange starburst and green apple sour straws)

Jello Rainbow in the Clouds Cups