Friday, August 28, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday - Lunch Box Choices

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Kid Friendly Friday, where we share what we have been doing with our kids this week or information that would be helpful to other parents. Post about books, recipes, movies, toys, or anything kid friendly. I would love for you to participate with whatever you can share. Link to Mr. Linky below.

School has started so this means lunches have to be made. This may be one of my least favorite things to do because I run out of ideas quickly. Here are some things I have found that work. I have made a list that hangs in a cupboard so if I run short of inspirations I can look to it.

  • anything you can put on a stick (veggie kabob, cheese, fruit)

  • anything that can be dipped (use ranch, fruit dip, peanut butter, refried beans, hummus)

  • anything else that can be cut into shapes (heart shaped cheese and meat on crackers beats a Lunchable any day, cut your sandwiches with a cookie cutter, even better, use a small cutter and give them lots of little sandwiches - eat the remnants yourself, of course) Here is a cute cutout sandwich.

  • anything that can be put in the cute little thermos (pasta, soup, leftovers)

  • anything that they can assemble themselves (crackers and cheese, ants on a log - messy but fun, mini pizzas, nachos)

  • use a food marker and write on a food item (saw this in the last Family Fun mag) haven't tried it yet but it is cute!

  • unconventional lunches (cereal and milk, waffle sandwiches, hot dog bun with PB and banana)

  • foods that look like dessert (parfait with yogurt and fruit, banana or zucchini bread)

Always include a note of encouragement! There is nothing better than knowing Mom is thinking about you during the day. I am planning on packing a joke of the day but haven't yet gotten around to that yet. Hopefully there is a site out there with lots of kid friendly jokes.

Share with me some of your lunch ideas. I need the help :) Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Sometimes I wish I could make school lunches just to leave notes in there. My time will come! ;)

    Great ideas...thanks for sharing! Love the cut outs and I saw that same article using markers on food! What will they come up with next!?

  2. I really want the food markers, but don't know where to get them! Great ideas!
    I will post mine later!

  3. I use cookie cutters to make boring sandwiches a little more fun for my daughter to take in her lunch box. I also did "homemade lunchables" yesterday...a big hit!

  4. Great ideas! I love the heart-shaped toast in the picture :)

  5. Great ideas...I love anything that will make lunch more fun!!

  6. We like rollups in our house...You can use flour tortillas or just roll out a piece of bread. Spread on whatever you like and then roll it up. Emily loves apple butter and bananas!

  7. I don't do school lunches yet but I do always appreciate ideas for lunches at home!!! Thanks!

  8. If you try food coloring markers do not get the Wilton ones unless you're drawing on fondant, which I will assume you won't be for lunches :D They claim to work on other foods but they do not.

    I use Betty Crocker Food Writers which I found in my grocery store in the baking isle. I have also heard good things about Americolor gourmet writers tho I haven't tested them out myself

  9. Love this post! A week and a half of school and I'm already out of ideas!

    And...You've been tagged! Check the details on my blog at

  10. Great post. Mine are all too old now, but I did incorporate a couple of these things way back when!

  11. Every parents would want their kids to be healthy and eat healthy food. But if kids find food boring, they wont eat it. To make them eat, one should add variety in their lunch box like one can give their kids fruits cup cakes and muffins with low calorie, try sandwich of different shapes of brown bread, brown rice with vegetable, dry fruits like apricots, raisins, prunes etc. Trying all these tips, kids would enjoy eating.