Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I ran my first post pregnancy race on Saturday (the last one being one month pregnant with Little Bit in Dec 2007 - yippee). I did NOT start feeling a trickle around mile 4.....because, of course, I have faithfully done all of my Kegal exercises. Really, not only do I get to go through childbirth but now have the bonus of not being able to sneeze, jump on the trampoline, do excessive jumping jacks, or run races without the possibility of leakage. The fun never ends folks!

I did NOT win 2 swagbucks while searching how to spell Kegal....simple word, I didn't need to look that one up. Sometimes it's worth not being a good speller. I always think the easy ones have some sort of trick!

Can someone remind me to write my Not Me! moments down? :) I KNOW I have more but just cannot remember much any more. I do NOT have to call and leave a phone message to myself any time I remember something in the car. Otherwise I would not remember.

Happy Monday!


  1. hi, stopping by from SITS. I cant remember anything either. *sigh*
    hope you have a great day!

  2. YaY!! I got such a good laugh out of that! How fun must that race have been! Oh well, now you'll faithfully do those exercises, right!?!?

  3. Good post! After having five kids I know exactly what you mean!

  4. My word - I can relate on the leakage! Whenever I do aerobics, I must pee RIGHT beforehand, or else it is not going to be good (and sometimes I even have to take another potty break, if there's a lot of jumping involved). Good for you on the race!!

  5. Loving your posts as always and congrats on the bubble contest!!! Hugs Jen

    Blogger is NOT acting up and forcing me to be anonymous!

  6. I literally just told my husband yesterday, I think if I ever tried to go running, I'd have to drink very little all day and go to the bathroom right before I ran. Probably still would have "issues". :)

  7. Is the leakage classified under "joys of motherhood"? I hate that!! I always forget my not me's! somthing will happen and I think that would be a great "not me" then I totally forget about it so the phone message idea is a great one IF only I listened to my voicemail!!

  8. I hated kegal's and I am paying for it now. LOL...

    I laughed when you said you send yourself phone messages. I send my self emails and then set the reminder to pop up so I don't forget things.

    Honestly I think my kids have turned my brain into mush...

  9. Calling home to remind yourself of something?! THat is brilliant!! I will have to try that!! And remember you are not alone with your pregnancy reminders!