Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

My computer died so it is at the shop. I am NOT too lazy to get the Not Me! Monday button for this post because my "blog" folder is not on this computer. We'll pretend I forgot :) I did try to copy and paste from another post but of course, it cannot be that easy.

I did NOT make chicken enchiladas this week knowing full well that nobody else in the house likes them. And they did NOT surprise me and all eat seconds. I sometimes have to feed the craving :)

I did NOT call the bagger girl at Publix Sweet Pea when thanking her for helping me out to my car. I do NOT call each of my girls Sweet Pea because I cannot remember their names half of the time. I do NOT often answer my husband with Yes, ma'am. After saying it a million times a day to all the Sweet Peas, it is not easy for me to make the switch to sir. I do NOT often think I am losing it and had better start doing daily "brain building" games before it happens.

We went to the mall to get my oldest shoes for the upcoming Daddy Daughter Dance and we did NOT go to every single store that sold kids shoes without finding anything that were proclaimed too big, small, ugly, or broken feeling (whatever this means). I did NOT break down and let her get tennis shoes that really do not match the dress or are even remotely cute. The shoes were NOT 2 sizes too big and ugly as all get out. The moment they were on her feet she did NOT exclaim "perfect!" I did NOT buy them - just because I could not stand to leave the mall knowing we would have to do more shopping. At least she won't be wearing her black boots...

Go over to My Charming Kids and Not Me Monday to see what others have definitely NOT done this week! Enjoy your day!


  1. I loved the name one! That is so something i would/do do!
    Now, let's see a pic of those shoes...

  2. Mmmmm, enchiladas sound really good!

  3. LOL!! Sweet pea is better than calling them the wrong names!

  4. I am laughing here just thinking about how glad I am that the shoe shopping experience didn't happen to me either! Too Real!!

  5. What is with kids and ugly shoes. I had to beg my son not to get a certain pair and he was so in love that it was a must.

    I have the opposite problem...all boys and feeling very outnumbered these days.

  6. As a teacher I had 300+ students each semester - everyone was sweetheart, honey, sweet pea etc... survival!!

  7. that's ok. On occasion I still call my son Sweetpea - and he's 13!

  8. This not me monday is HUGE! I love the musical monday meme too!