Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Two Cents - Giving

Tutu's Bliss has a weekly meme, My Two Cents. This week's topic is giving. In economic times like this it's an important thing to think about. Don't just dismiss giving because you are going through tough times.

Last week I was asked to give to something that I don't even have the luxury to afford...and I didn't give because of this reason. And now I regret it. It was selfish and I see that now. I have to remind myself that giving in good times is great but giving when it has to be a sacrifice is a test of character. I'm not talking about giving away the farm but mindful giving. Just something to think about...and my two cents.


  1. Never thought of it that way ~ good post!

  2. Hi. I'm finally getting around to visiting the friends who popped by during the Spring Fling. Thanks for visiting my blog! Cute site - I love your header. My Mom was a lot like that too.

    My favorite charities are Heifer.org and Kiva.com. I like them because they give the recipient the dignity of repaying the loan by helping others.