Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - Limericks

My Not Me! Monday post gave me the material needed to complete Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop challenge - compose a limerick or two. Go HERE for a most hilarious site and the just of the workshop. (Need a laugh? Don't read my THIS)

Mommy needed Mexican cuisine
She didn't really want to be mean
you ate it any way
none left the next day
Now she's jonesin' again like a fiend

There once was a mommy of three
Who called every child by "Sweat Pea"
They would pretend not to hear
Or so it would appear
Now that mommy is as mad as could be

There once was a girl who needed shoes
We hit every store but could not choose
Mom's patience wore thin
The shoes were ugly as sin
Now mom is heading straight for the booze
(OK, not really but it's hard to rhyme with shoes and I really could have used a glass of wine after that shopping trip)

Go ahead and make up a few of your own. Get those creative juices flowing. Live a little! :)


  1. Funny! What is it about shopping for shoes with children that makes one want to have a martini at ten am?

  2. These are great! I have a limerick contest going on at my place if you'd like to try your luck there!

  3. Wow! I'm impressed, I struggled with writing one and you did THREE! I love that the shoes were ugly as sin.

  4. I laugh because I remember reading your post from Monday.

  5. Those were really fun. I was afraid of the limerick prompt.

  6. those were great .... I read your profile, and that sounds just like me... too many projects, not enough hours in the day....

  7. This is so cute and creative! Before staying home, I taught 5th grade and each year we did a poetry unit. Limericks were my favorite to teach and I loved seeing what the kids would come up with.

  8. Shoe shopping and booze!! Fun combination

  9. Hats off to you for doing the limericks.. I sadly didn't even know what they were!