Friday, March 27, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday - Music Review

Welcome to Kid Friendly Friday! A place where we welcome your linked posts (old or new) to anything kid, crafts, books, giveaways, reviews.....Join the fun or look at all of the good ideas others have. Maybe you will be inspired :)

For this week's Kid Friendly Friday I wanted to share with you some of our favorite kids CDs.

1. Justin Roberts - Meltdown - We received this as a birthday gift and my 3 year old just fell in love with it. She calls it her "3rd year Birthday" CD....(we made a mixed CD that she calls her "2nd year Birthday CD").

....And I know that this might sound outrageous, outrageous
But a meltdown is contagious, contagious
Now Mom and me were having an M-E-L-T-D – down.....

And I’d stop the world and meltdown with you.

2. Eric Ode - I Love My Shoes - I was in Lakeshore Learning one day and this was playing. I swore it was Kermit the Frog. Turns out it was pretty good.

3. Imagination Movers - Juice Box Hero - OK, I don't have this yet (ordered it for an Easter basket present) but we love the Movers and the songs are from their show. I know it's going to be a huge hit. You can listen to the songs here.

4. Laurie Berkner - Under a Shady Tree - We love her videos as well. They are energetic and make you want to dance!


  1. Thanks for the recommendations! We've got one of the Laurie Berkner cds, but will have to check out the others. My kids LOVE Vacation Bible School music! We dance and sing to it for months after VBS

  2. We love Laurie Berkner too but I haven't heard of the others, so thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Great recommendations, I'm going to have to check some of these out. Jake loves the Imagination Movers so I'm sure he'd like the CD too.

  4. I haven't seen any of those. My kids do enjoy music but we actually spend more time singing toghether. We do have music CDs but if they put it a CD it is usually a story one that they want.

  5. We had tons of CD's when I was a Daycare Director. I really encouraged our teachers to use music in their rooms. I wish I had copies of them in my personal library, because kid music is usually really fun.

    I love Knutsen & Ludvigsen. They are a group from Norway, their words are in Norwegian, but I still love it. I understand it but my kids just roll their eyes, now that is.

    When they were younger, they liked to listen to the cassettes I had. The words to them were just crazy and goofy and that added to the 'kiddie-ness' of the music. I just found some of their music on You Tube and it's not as funny as I remembered! But I still like it.

    I did not find the song about the blind snake who got glasses so he could see. I really like that song. Here is the link to You Tube if anyone is interested in checking it out-

    for knowledge/experience, not incorporating into your homes, of course. Unless ......... you are Norwegian that is. Or you just want to.

    I am American, ancestors are from Norway, but I lived in Norway for 16 months on a Church Mission. That is my connection with Norway.


  6. You have to check out Go Fish. They are a Christian kids band and they are GOOD! Jason and I listen to them when the kids aren't in the car. DON'T TELL ANYBODY!

  7. Thanks for the ideas. We love Laurie Berkner and Ross King at our house.