Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Works for Me - Party Favors - Treat Bags

Who else cringes with the site of a party favor bag fun of little toys that you have to secretly dispose of over the next few week? They, like Happy Meal toys, must procreate while you sleep. I've been trying to get creative the past few years and think of inexpensive things my kids could actually use. I did a mixed CD of kid music, which was a HUGE hit but then a friend told me it was an illegal gift, so I felt bad. Then I did colored kettle corn which the parents tried to wrestle away from their children (which I'll eventually post on). This time around I dipped oreos. They are easy, cheap, and look amazing!

2 bags of oreos $6.00 (although I can get them BOGO if I plan ahead)
2 bags melting chocolate $4.00
treat bags $1.00
sprinkles .10 - a small fraction of a bottle - color to match your theme
computer printed labels and staples .10 (Thank you for celebrating with me! Love, __)

So for about $11.20 I made 23 goodie bags each with 3 dipped oreos.

It took an hour to do them all. Not bad. And if you allow it, they won't even make it back from the party! Yum!!


  1. those look amazingly yummy! cake looks yummy too! you definitely have this baking thing under control!


  2. My girls still havne't eaten theirs. I can't believe I haven't either. :)

  3. I love this idea! The title of your blog and your description of yourself is so cute...I too feel like I have too many many that I am not the best at any of them! I agree that those little toys in goody bags are annoying. I have buried so many in the trash so my son won't notice and dig them back out!

  4. Nicely done! You're nicer than me - I won't do gift bags Ha!

  5. I did chocolate dipped oreos on a stick once.....TALK ABOUT A CRAZY (but very cute) idea. I love this idea so much better because there's no risk of those oreos splitting open when you stuff the stick in. I might do this for an end of year treat for my kids' class! Wonderful idea and they look yummy!