Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I had a great week of party preparation. Busy, busy but I love doing it. And when it is over I can NOT wait to clean. When my husband demanded that I just sit down for 5 minutes before cleaning I did NOT jump up less than 3 minutes into it because I had to get to cleaning. Some of my finer moments are when I think I need to be doing more than I am already doing. I do NOT multitask when going potty. I do NOT turn dirty clothes right side out or blow up baby bath tubs during this time.

My three year old always asks what a specific kind of food gives you (i.e. milk gives you strong bones..). When she asks about junk food I always tell her it gives you a big butt. Last week we were making cake balls for the party. She had a few tastes then does NOT tell me "I am going to have one HUGE butt today mom!" I am NOT waiting for her to impart this knowledge some day on a stranger.

This three year old also did NOT tell me that a dead frog that we saw on the sidewalk probably died because it's big sister gave it something small that it choked on. I do NOT scare my children into keep their little toys away from their baby sister by saying it might kill her. I certainly could come up with a better tactic. They do NOT often tell me things that could kill their baby sister.

I am NOT writing just one more thing about this quirky little three year old (I really could fill up the page). When over at our friends house yesterday she did NOT come running to me leaving a 10 foot long pee trail (sorry Chris) and I did NOT catch the rest using the cute little play apron (sorry Anne) so we could make it to the bathroom.

Go over to My Charming Kids and Not Me Monday to see what others have definitely NOT done this week! Enjoy your day off (hopefully)!


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  2. Did not know about the apron that I used this morning to quickly wipe up some coffee that dribbled into my beard. And, just wanted to say those Kong Balls were amazing. That needs to be the recipe you use for Tempt My Tummy tomorrow. The name could use some work though. I'm afraid it might trigger the filter if I try to look at it at work.

  3. I totally do not multi-task on the toilet either.... You didn't, by chance, just do this Not Me! Monday from your special "multi-tasking" place did you? lol.

  4. Love the one about the cake balls! I most certainly do not allow my daughter to say "butt" and then crack up over it. OH no, not me!

  5. Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping by the blog! =)

  6. Oh my... You must spend everyday laughing so hard. Your child is so funny.