Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday - Salt Art

I'm going to start with a kid friendly craft project. Colored salt! I'm sure you have seen colored sand but colored salt is cheaper and it's also fun to make. I got the directions some time ago from a magazine and made a bunch for kid birthday presents that year.

Step 1: Tint the Salt
For each color, put approximately 1 cup of salt and 1/2 teaspoon of liquid watercolor or 20 to 25 drops of food coloring in a ziplock bag. Seal each bag, removing as much air as you can. Outside, let your child shake, smash, and knead the contents until all of the salt is dyed. The colors come out really vibrant. Next, pour the salt onto newspaper-lined trays to dry for about 2 hours (or just open the bags and let the grains dry overnight). When it's no longer wet to the touch, pour the salt into clean, dry spice shakers, one color per shaker.

Step 2: Make a Pattern
Have your child go wild with the glue on stiff paper or a paper plate.
Step 3: Add Salt

Use the shakers to sprinkle on the paper. Once the glue has dried, simply shake off the excess salt. I collect each color in a pie tin a pour it back into the shaker.

The salt can also be layered in little jars like the sand art projects. Mimi noticed the mixing of colors so it was a good time to reiterate "Yellow and Blue make Green!"

Easy. Cheap. Kids love it.

Just can make your own colored sugar for decorating cookies the same way.

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  1. Looks like fun. I recently watched a video with Tibetan monks making their sand paintings, It was fascinating.

  2. Hey. I was so excited to be first that I posted the wrong link. Can you delete my 1st one for me? Thanks! Sorry I made Chris call at 9:00.

  3. Precious pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. It's an award buffet and you're invited!! You deserve them all!! Hugs, Jen

  5. I love colored sand, even at my age. Less than 50 more that 48!

    Thanks for telling how you make it. This is definitely a fun thing for happy playing and creating kids!

    If you need something to laugh about drop by my Blog and read this story:

    I had fun composing it.

    Thanks for Hosting.


  6. I was inspired by your Salt Art project to post about another Salt Art idea. I hope you like it :)

  7. What a great idea!! Colored sand is really expensive. We'll have to try this.

  8. This week I linked a post that I had written last week. But next week I hope to share one specially for your Kid friendly Friday.
    Your salt craft looks like fun.

  9. We will be doing this one for sure, all my kids would love this project.

    Thanks for linking, have a great weekend..

  10. Ooh! Looks like something easy, fun, and cheap...just like you said!

    I found your blog through The Org Junkie recipe round up and then saw this, and we just so happened to make a fun silly snack yesterday with my daughter, so I decided to join in!

    I'm now a follower...your blog looks like fun!

  11. What a GREAT idea! We will have to try it out.

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  13. That is so cool! My kids will love this project.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  14. What a great craft idea!!!!!

  15. Excellent idea! The looks on the kids faces is worth the effort!