Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Cent Tuesday - Sane Parenting?

Tutu Bliss has a Two Cent Tuesday topic each week. The Two Cents topic is maintaining sanity while parenting, parenting while crazy or anything else you have some two cents on. As always topics are optional. Two cents is free and I never complain about FREE stuff!

So I am thinking that the term Sane Parenting is a oxymoron. Can anyone confirm this? I have found the longer I parent the more it takes to to think anything is completely unbelievable or crazy. What would have drove me over the edge with the first child is now incredibly funny with the third. I know that I can mess up often and the child will still turn out OK. So my advice for the parent ready to loose it.....have a few more kids. It will put everything back into perspective. Short and sweet and MY two cents :)

Oh, and if you ever need a few minutes just to clear your head, lock yourself in the bathroom. The door must be locked, you have to keep pretty quiet and must not expect to have more than 4 and a half minutes. But sometimes it's just what the doctor ordered. Now that I'm thinking about it, I may just need to stash some chocolate in there!

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  1. Sane parenting is definitely an oxy-moron! Just need to keep your cool...the kids will learn. :)

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  2. LOL. And, why must the 4 and half minutes only feel like 4 seconds? ;P

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. LOL Mmm hmm! I'm thinking I'll stash chocolate, maybe a puzzle book too, in mine for when Charlie's older.

  4. Good idea about stashing chocolate! I may need to try that one.

  5. LOL. Locking myself in the bathroom with chocolate does sound like the recipe for staying semi-sane. I'm with you on the sane parenting thing. I think if a mom isn't at least a touch crazy the kids would be really bored ;)

  6. lol that was cute :) definitely hide chocolate!

  7. I agree, you have to be a little crazy if you're going to survive. Hiding chocolate in the bathroom is an interesting idea...

    This is the first I've heard of Two Cent Tuesday, I'm off to check it out.

  8. Dancing through from three boys and a little lady.

    Lovely place you have here in blogatopia.

    Thanks for the peek,

  9. Love the chocolate in the bathroom idea! I think that could be a work for me wednesday tip!!

  10. I could not agree with you more. Let those loopies fly! Otherwise parenting really isn't all that fun!