Monday, February 9, 2009

Not me! Monday

Friends of ours lost their car key when they were over and they did NOT have to look underneath the couch cushions for it. And there were NOT toys, socks, goldfish, raisins, etc. under each cushion. I was certainly NOT embarrassed. I clean under cushions each and every week (OK, at LEAST once a year :) ....and that was for the Superbowl.....and I still have yet to clean there.

My 3 year old did NOT have to visit the Principal's office for yelling at the music teacher. I wonder how that went. What could you say to this little face? Can you imagine this little face yelling at the teacher? I can NOT. She was so sad that I did NOT get out the camera to capture the moment. That might me a little insensitive.

I do not know what is more embarrassing, when you have breast milk all over the front of your shirt (which I did NOT) or when someone that you don't know mentions that you may NOT be leaking everywhere. This does NOT happen to me at least once with every child. And I did NOT just adjust the baby so it looked like she peed all over me .

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  1. aw... look at that picture! You have to fill me in on what happened with the music teacher. :)

  2. haha yeah, you can't just post a priceless photo like that one and not give the whole story!


  3. That was awesome! Poor little lady, I can only imagine what was said, and comprehended! I used to leak breast milk All The Time, so I was always doing stuff like that.
    I love the couch cushion story! Have a great week!

  4. Oh my, that picture is priceless!

    I hate the breast milk thing.... happened to me more often than I care to remember.

    And the cushions. I'm always amazed what ends up under there!

  5. oh my! you did NOT have a busy week! hee hee!

  6. I never leaked with my first..i ALWAYS had pads and back up pads...just in case! We'll see how it goes with this baby!

  7. OH, I shudder to think of anyone looking under my couch cushions!