Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Fragments - Feedburner Emails?

Some of my random thoughts today!

Yesterday Little Bit woke up from her nap with seriously bad hair and a need for juice. It's like me with my coffee in the morning....just helps you wake up a bit!

I have been super busy the past two weeks and just realized that I have not been getting any of my email blog subscriptions. Any of you having that problem? Do they just stop sometimes? How do I get them back or do I have to go back and subscribe to each email feed again??

We are having a Japanese student stay with us for the month of March. She comes tonight and we are all so excited! It's going to be a crazy month taxiing everybody.

The event that my girls look forward to AL YEAR LONG is tonight....the Daddy Daughter Dance! WooHoo! Tomorrow Mimi will start asking how long until the next Daddy Daughter Dance. Gotta love it!

I just finished a Yellow Submarine know, We all live in a yellow submarine.... FUN! Go see it HERE. Next week I am making a huge bike.


  1. Your cake turned out AWESOME!

    I wish I knew the answer to your e-mail subscription problem... I just subscribe to everything through my RSS reader so I haven't run into that before.

  2. That is seriously some bad -- and adorable -- baby hair. LOL!

    Love your blog design -- did you do it yourself? And speaking of DIY, awesome cakes. The confectionary-challenged mom in me is jealous.

    Happy Friday Frags!

  3. I had that happen to me a couple of months ago! I logged into my email one day and it said something like 25 new emails, when normally there is 250!

    I tried resubscribing, I tried to figure out a way to contact help at Google (yeah right!), and finally gave up. I ended up resubscribing with a new email and that worked. Then, one day, about three weeks later, all of my subscriptions magically appeared in the old account again!

    Not sure what the deal was but I know I wasn't the only one. I posted about it and was contacted by two other bloggers. Never figured out what happened but you can either resubscribe with a new email or wait it out. But think of all the blog info you'd miss! lol

    Good luck! It wasn't any fun for sure! Hope you wake up tomorrow morning with a full inbox!