Thursday, March 18, 2010

FNCCC Assignment #28 - Patrick and Gina Neely

The chef's for next week are Pat and Gina Neely. "Co-owners of Neely's Bar-B-Que, Patrick (Pat) and Gina Neely have turned their family restaurant into one of the most successful barbecue restaurants in the South. Now they share the secrets behind their favorite dishes and their passion for food, family, and fun on Food Network's Down Home with the Neelys."
I love watching their show (so does my middle daughter) but after reading several reviews (which are supposed to be about the recipes) it revealed that not everyone loves their touchy-feely relationship in the kitchen. They are fun. Their food is great (think lots of Southern comfort food) and I'm excited to try out some different foods from them.
We'll post recipes from there on Wednesday, March 24. Can't wait to see what you are cooking!

HERE is the list of upcoming chefs if you want to plan ahead.


  1. I love the Neely's food. I just posted coconut cupcakes from them. They were really great!

  2. I love their food - I might have to participate this week!!