Thursday, March 18, 2010

List of Memes, Carnivals, and Blog Hops

I haven't shared this in awhile and need to look at it myself! I get in a blogging rut. I'm constantly updating this so let me know if you want me to include others!

Not Me! Monday
Menu Plan Monday
Make Me Laugh Monday
Musical Monday
I *heart* Faces
Simple Woman's Daybook
Make Do Monday
Mailbox Monday
Unplugged Project - weekly themed projects
Muffin Tin Monday
Music Monday
Time Out Monday
Memory Monday - scrapbooking!
Favorite Favorite iPhone Application Monday Meme
Mommy Monday

Two Cent Tuesday
Totally Talented Tuesday
Tempt My Tummy Tuesday
Tackle it Tuesday
Random Tuesday Thoughts
Help for Growing Families
Tightwad Tuesday
Take Me Back Tuesday - new
Tiny Talk Tuesday
What's on Your Tot's Plate
Tip the Scale Tuesday

Worldless Wednesday or Wordless Wednesday
Wordful Wednesday
Works For Me! Wednesday
Paper Crafting Wednesday
Food Network Chefs Cooking Challenge

Watery Wednesday

A Thousand Word Thursday
Grocery Cart Challenge Recipe Swap
Slow Cooking Thursday
Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop
Thrifty Thursday
Mother Hen's Homemade Thursday
Thankful Thursday
Things I Love Thursday
52 Weeks
Kids in the Kitchen
Boggle Me Thursday
How Does Your Garden Grow? - new!
Three Things Thursday

Aloha Friday
Flabby Friday
Focus Friday

Grilling Goodness
Family Foto Fun Friday
Frugal Friday
Friday Fragments
Friday High Fives
Say it Forward
Virtual Girls Night Out
Friday Book Projects
Kid Friendly Friday
Show and Tell Friday
Feminine Friday
Friday Funnies
Friday's Fave Five

Favorite Ingredients Friday
Five Ingredient Fridays
The Way to a Man's Heart
Preschool Corner

Someday Saturday
Saturday Showcase
Photo Hunt
Random Picture Challenge
Camera Critters
Small Talk Six
Weekend Fun Food
Show and Tell Saturdays
Saturday Salads - in the fall/winter it was Saturday Soups
Saturday Picture Suprise
Raven's Saturday Wordzzle Challenge

Support Our Troops Sunday
Sunday Stealing
Tot School

Carnival of Aloha
Monthly Craft Challenge
Mod Podge Mania

Do you have one that you would like to add? Just let me know!


  1. Those are great - thanks for posting these!

  2. Also on Saturday there is Random Picture Challenge, hosted by

  3. Um, stunned. Really? Thank you, Sarah, for the nod for the Carnival!

    We all have so many things on the stove. Women! How do we do it? LOL! Your three children kind of take over make you the busiest prize winner. They're adorable. :)

  4. Those are all great! I host Friday Book Projects here:

  5. That my dear, is an impressive list! Thanks for sharing, I am looking forward to checking some out.

  6. GREAT list! Thank you for putting that together!

  7. Ok, at first I was thinking these were all ones you participated in and I was trying to figure out where you found the time (and creativity!) to do all that. Now, it makes much more sense. And I know there's a few photo carnivals on Fridays that various blogs I read participate in but ummm, I don't remember the names :) F4x or something? Foto Fridays?

  8. Thanks for listing all these! Good to know!

  9. thanks for having musical monday on your list! hope you play this week! i've already got the mr. linky up.

  10. I'm going to have to take down this list. There are some I hadn't seen before. I actually started a couple on my blog. Friday Funnies and Show and Tell Saturdays. You can add them if you wish.
    Blessings to you.

  11. I have a couple to add. started Tightwad Tuesday a couple of months ago, and I just started Mailbox Monday to show off the freebies you got in the mail or just tell about freebie offers at www.centsablemomma.con

  12. Hi! Thanks for the list. I have three on my blog that I'd be tickled for you to add.
    On Tuesdays I host Help for Growing Families.
    On Thursdays I host Mother Hen's Homemade Thursday.
    And on Saturday I host Weekend Fun Food.

  13. I participate in four each week and none of them are listed... LOL

  14. actually i forgot about two... I participate in six each week and none are listed :)

  15. I'm with Angie, I participate in 7 each week, and only Works for Me Wednesday is listed! There are carnivals for everyone!

  16. Thanks for the list, my blog is fairly new so I like to participate in as many as I can.

  17. What a great resource - thank you! I'm looking forward to participating in Kid Friendly Friday. I have an idea for one of my own too, just need to get a button made. I'll keep you posted.

  18. and I was looking for some blog memes..and here you are with a list....yay! thanks

  19. Hi. I think you'd like the Unplugged Project posted every Monday on

  20. This is wonderful and just what I needed!! Thank you.

  21. I'm starting a new one next week, Time Out Monday. I'd love to be added to the list and if you want to join me, even better. :)

  22. I had no idea there were so many carnivals. I guess I do the same couple each week and that is it.

  23. Thank you! I will use this list often!

  24. I just found another one 52 weeks.

  25. A great one is Saturday Salads at A Listmakers Life www k2andkids dot blogspot dot com It was Soup-er Saturday but in honor of warmer weather she switched to Saturday Salads last week. Enjoy!

  26. Things I Love Thursday has a broken link... should go here:

    Thanks for the list! :hug:

  27. Could you add The Way to a Man's Heart? It is hosted at Frugal Femina ( each Friday. It's for recipes.

  28. Thanks so much for posting this! I'll keep it handy for when I'm out of blogging ideas.


  29. Thanks for this amazing list!!! I recently found Sunday Stealing at

  30. I have a couple that I can think of if you want to add them! ;)

    Tiny Talk Tuesday -

    Preschool Corner {Fridays} -

    Tot School {Sundays} -

    Tot Food: What's on Your Tot's Plate {Tuesdays} -

  31. I just started one called Saturday Picture Surprise.

  32. I have a weigh in carnival on my blog, it's called Tip The Scale Tuesday

  33. Great list! I do "Memory Monday" each Monday at you can see my past posts at

  34. Could you include mine on the Thursday list?

  35. I have a few for your list please...
    The first is Boggle Me Thursday - Boggle Me Thursday

    The second is a brand new one called FiAMM - Favorite Favorite iPhone Application Monday Meme

    The third and not mine is Watery Wednesday - Watery Wednesday

    And last but certainly not least is Raven's Saturday Wordzzle Challenge Raven's Saturday Wordzzle Challenge

    Thanks so much and thanks for having a list!

  36. I started a Gardening meme called How Does Your Garden Grow? Could you link it on Thursday?


  37. I had no idea there where so many wow gonna have to check some of the ones I hadn't heard of out thanks for the list

  38. This is a very comprehensive list. Thank you!

    Could you please add mine? It's new. I think it rocks, but that could just be my opinion!

    Thanks! Can't wait to look around here!

  39. Hi I just wanted to let you know Musical Monday is being hosted at my blog on Mondays until Diane is up to doing it again. Please change the link to
    thanks so much!

  40. I have a blog hop called Mommy Mondays if you'd like to come link up also I'd love if you'd feature it here Thanks :)