Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday Baby Prints

I am bringout out an older post for Amy's Round Robin carnival. Go check out other ideas!

I love baby keepsakes. In Martha Stewart or maybe in a Red Envelope Magazine I saw a cute frame for baby feet prints. I figured I could do that...if only I could remember after 6 and 12 months to actually make the foot print. With each girl I found a little something different. It started out as three separate frames. This was probably most like the original product I saw. I'm sure they were selling 3 little black frames and a stamp pad for an obscene dollar amount. Not sure why the last print turned green....must have used a kid ink pad.

Then came Lexi and less wall space. I saw this frame and had those fabulous rub on letters for scrap booking.

Then came Scarlett and all of the above frames were I figured this frame would do. I like that I could include a picture. And I got crazy with the ink color :)

And I am remembering this now because tomorrow is Scarlett's half birthday! I wrote it on the calendar so I would remember to do the print. Be aware that when taking baby's foot print you will have to do a dozen to be able to get a nice print. It will also look that baby just got back from the lock up with her ink stained foot. I can usually get it off with a baby wipe standing by...but when you have the wiggly kid and it takes a half and hour of attempts to get one that works, you are not going to get the ink out of their tiny little crevices.
And a half birthday also brings our traditional half-birthday cupcake! Keep watch for that post. The pictures are always priceless!

I have used this idea for baby shower and wedding gifts. A personalized frame is a welcomed gift. Check out Rocks In My Dryer for more Works For Me ideas!


  1. I love it! What a great idea! I wish I would have thought of that or had seen it before my boys feet outgrew the paper!
    And I LOVE red envelope- don't you? I've gotten several good things from there, but all these little kid things in ALL the catalogs are overpriced- you're right!
    Love it!

  2. This is so sweet. I, too wish I would have done this with my boys. I do have some angels and trees that I made using their hand and foot prints. If I could just remember where I put them...
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. This is wonderful I wish I would have done this.. Thanks for playing along...

  4. I wish I had this memory for myself. Those are wonderful!

  5. What a creative idea. I wish I had something like that with my kids when they were little.

    Stopping by from Amy's Round Robin to say hello. Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend.

  6. What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

    Check my giveaway out!

    Round robin I go!