Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Things

I was tagged by Domestically Disabled Girl over at Domestically Challenged to write 25 random things about myself. So here I go!

1. I was born in Iowa, moved to CA, then to MN when I was in kindergarten, college in MI, and to FL in 1997.
2. I don't like clowns, stuffed animals, or clutter.
3. I have had dozens of jobs - I think I could fill up all 25 things this way, but I won't.
4. I worked for corporate Dairy Queen - and that's how I got to FL, a job transfer.
5. I "fake race" while on the treadmill with the person next to me.
6. I crave sweet then salty, sweet, salty,'s a vicious cycle.
7. I took 4 years of Russian in high school.
8. I never liked writing - until I started blogging.
9. I cry at church almost every week.
10. I don't like to be comforted when I cry.
11. I never thought I would have kids.
12. I would love to have another child but without the pregnancy or baby stage.
13. I once went an entire year with buying anything retail (except absolute needs). It was freeing.
14. I could spend all day reading.
15. I'm always hungry. Even when I am sick.
16. I can't go long without exercise or I get irritable.
17. It scares me to think that my parents would ever move from the house I grew up in.
18. I would love to live next door to my parents in the summer and fall and my in-laws in the winter and spring.
19. I was in the band in elementary and Jr. high but quit the trumpet because it was too heavy to carry to school.
20. I can't decide if I'm in favor of the death penalty or not.
21. I have elf ears (a little pointy).
22. I don't feel the need to answer the phone.
23. I can hang around my husband all the time and not get sick of him.
24. I swore I would never join a sorority, then did and loved it.
25. If I didn't spell check this post you would have laughed at my spelling abilities.

So what about your 25 things?? I'm tagging TeachingTwo - THE DOWNS GANG - Eighty MPH Mom - TuTu's Bliss and The Dunham Diaries


  1. I'm filling mine out now! I can't wait to see Lori's...that should be good for a laugh!

  2. How fun, I just did this on Facebook. I enjoyed reading your 25 things. I'm totally with you on 8, 20 and 22.

    I'm giving you an award! Stop by and see: