Monday, January 12, 2009

Do you Walgreens?

There is a Walgreens on every corner around these parts (and a CVS always right across the street). If you don't take advantage of their deals, you should. I rarely have to pay full price for anything I buy (even regular groceries). I am a coupon clipper. I do go to Publix, Albertsons, and Walgreens most every week. I don't buy anything just because it's on sale. They rotate their sales so I buy enough to get me through until the next sale. I have it down to a science :) I call this one of my contributions to our income. Today I got all of this for $11.25 (one lip gloss usually costs $9)....and used my rebate gift card so didn't have to pay anything out of pocket! This doesn't even include any of the things I got this month FREE from their rebate catalog (I got those things lat week).

Scrubbing bubbles bathroom wipes $1.40 each
Oatmeal $1.10 each
Aquafresh Complete Care .24
Colgate - each with a free toothbrush - .52 each
Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipgloss - $2.50 each

If you don't use coupons, you should. At Publix they will let you use two coupons for the buy one, get one sales. It makes for a great deal. For example, their Special K bars ($3.19) were BOGO and I had two coupons (each $1) so I got two boxes for $1.19. That's less than 10 cents a bar.

I get all excited to see my before and after totals....I know, I'm a nerd :) If I don't save as much as I spend, it's not a good trip.


  1. NOT a nerd! I get so excited about this too!! I am a huge bargain shopper!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful use of resources. Great job!
    Thanks for the visit. That is my balance wheel. My life is pie, like you many many interest. This is how I make sure I keep a balance.
    I also keep a sound budget and have been working hard to keep my career as a full time homemaker.
    I did an inventory of the food stuffs in all (3 ) freezers, and two refers (one for over flow in the garage (found it on the corner for a fair bargain.
    Also a pantry inventory helps me keep up on the stock. Bargains like you are to good to pass up on the things I use all the time, and the staples.