Thursday, January 29, 2009

If the timing was right....

I don't often look through the classified ads but while trying to eat, feed Scarlett, and watch the clock yesterday I flipped through and found this beauty.... Seriously people, I would apply if I could. When I taught biology I ordered duck eggs, incubator, and all that jazz and we hatched ducks. That might be something to highlight on my resume. I love animals and already understand the constant care of ducks (they poop A LOT). I like to talk and would LOVE to handle the media (wonder if they would care about my view on the education budget or everglades restoration). I'm a team player (are the ducks that hard to get along with). I am very attracted to the "snappy uniform" and "complimentary hot meals." What more could you want? No laundry and no packing a lunch! How many people really get to say they are the Peabody Duck Master? Now you say it....Peabody Duck Master. Say it ALOUD. It's really quite funny. I think I'm talking myself into it!

Today is the baby's half birthday! Check back later today or tomorrow for some pictures of our cupcake fun! Enjoy your day~

1 comment:

  1. That is too funny! I would have thought that they would have some sort of inside source for that job vs. advertising in the paper! Like- isn't there a duck master training school? With an advanced program in marching for the Peabody?
    Hilarious! I love it! You can do it! :-)