Thursday, January 22, 2009

Orchid Love

I am not one to dote over any plant (unless it is a tomato plant) so when an aunt gave me an orchid a few years back I pretty much knew what it's fate would be. All I hear about orchids is how much work they are. Special food, special light, special amount of water. No way. If I wanted just something pretty I would rather buy a bouquet of something that would last a week (which I wouldn't really do)...with none of the doting. It had been sitting outside for all of these years looking healthy but without flowering. Then, without warning, it bloomed. I haven't done a thing to it, save for a bit of water whenever I think about it. Thought I'd share my pretty flower with you. AND it's blooms have lasted for about 2 months!! No bouquet would ever do that. So I showed it some love. I brought it inside the last two days, out of the freezing weather. But it better know the special treatment won't last!

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