Monday, January 5, 2009

Not-Me Monday

It's time for Not Me Monday over at My Charming Kids. Check it out. I guarantee a good laugh (or at least a little chuckle). Time to get a few things off my chest....

I do NOT often think of how much better I would be as a stay at home mother WITHOUT kids...They do NOT get in the way of my to-do lists. I do NOT need therapy in this regard :)

I did NOT tell my husband several times during the holidays that he would have to quit eating the goodies because they were to give away....and then I did NOT sneak a few myself. This would be really selfish.

I did NOT eat my daughter's left over mashed banana, avocado and breast milk concoction. It was NOT surprisingly good and I will NOT do it again. Who would consume their own milk? (Do cows drink milk??)

I did NOT resolve to cut out sweets for the month of January and then did NOT dream about cupcakes the last two nights. Yikes. Who would miss them that much?

I am NOT excited for the return of 90210 this week. I am 34, why would I watch a show for teens?

So there. I'm sure glad I did not do all of those things. I feel better! Happy Monday Everyone~


  1. I too have been dreaming of anything chocolate and sweet- can we sugar addiction? LOL

  2. Yes...we sneak the snacks, but don't TELL anyone we sneak the snacks... LOL

    Awwww...and I JUST weaned my last baby last month. :( Just made me kind of sad reading your blog.

  3. yeah I could get SOO much more done WITHOUT a 17 month old around my feet and messing up what I just cleaned! I give up!

  4. Oh my, did I ever laugh at your first Not Me! That was awesome!! So very something I would say/think! Wait, not me!!
    Cute blog, I'll be back!

  5. A stay at home mother without kids...that's hilarious!

  6. LOL! I too did NOT tell my hubby to stop eating all the goodies...and snuck some myself without him looking! Hey...we made them....we should be able to enjoy a few! ha!