Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Works For Me! Maternity Top Turned Kid Dress

Before you get rid of all of your cute maternity tops check to see if any will work for kids clothes! I wore four of these summer tops almost all last summer in my last few months of pregnancy. It was hot and I loved them. They were even my post-pragnancy go-to shirts for a few weeks. I was going through things for Goodwill last night and didn't want to part with these (knowing I'm not having other babies I don't know why I still had them after a year post pregnancy). Daughter walked by....light bulb popped on....and it looked like a perfect size for a dress. And it was. No tailoring needed. My older daughter even said she would wear them with leggings when they got too short. The shirt that keeps on giving. Now THAT is a thing of beauty! Works for me!

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  1. Smart thinking! Those look adorable on them.

  2. Sarah:

    So cute....

    You need to come by my blog and enter my giveaway for hairbows...the girls would look so cute in them!

  3. Oh my- what a great way of recycling! Many more years of giving. What a light bulb moment!!!

    Seeing the photo, one would never have known that they were not designed as dresses for your little girls.

    Thanks so much for sharing this...........