Friday, July 31, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday - Make Your Own Cupcake Stand

Welcome to Kid Friendly Friday where each week we link up our posts that showcase kid friendly things such as recipes, book reviews, fun things to do, crafts, etc. You will get some great ideas from my very talented participants! Linking to one of your old posts is fine - good ideas never get old :)

We are having Little Bit's first birthday party tomorrow. I love entertaining and do understand it's more for myself than the 1 year old that has no clue that a party is even warranted. I decided on cupcakes (with a huge cupcake for her smash cake - pictures to follow next week). I needed a cupcake stand but wanted something that would be more versatile than the wire ones you see at craft stores. I bought cake boards and cake forms (thick Styrofoam disks) at my bakery supply store. The cake boards I use for all of my cakes so having a few more sizes is great for me.

Supplies needed:
cake boards (or anything sturdy enough to hold cupcakes, foam board would work but you might want a few thicknesses for each layer)
cake forms (or anything with height that would be stable enough in between layers, think along the lines of peanut butter jars)
wrapping paper (or any paper large enough to cover cake boards and forms)
hot glue

Total cost for mine was under $20. With items from around the house you could do one for next to nothing.

Trace the cake boards onto the wrapping paper, cut out, and use very little hot glue to secure the paper to the board. A little glue holds just fine and is much easier to take apart when done. Hot glue ribbon around the edges (again, go easy on the glue).

The forms are covered with white paper that I cut and hot glued only the end of the paper together (didn't get any glue on the Styrofoam form so the paper would slip right off when done).
That's it! Stack, use, un-decorate and pile up for easy storing. No need to glue the layers together. Gravity works :) HERE is the tower with a giant smash cupcakes and cupcakes on it.
And thanks to The Clark Clan who posted their slime reicpe on KFF. We had so much fun playing with the slime we used your idea for our party gift bags....
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  1. the pure awesomeness of this is rendering me almost speechless! great job!

    I'll be linking!

  2. I absolutely adore this cupcake stand!! What a fabulous outcome. I hope that you have a great birthday party. And slime!? What a fun favor idea!

  3. I will be doing the cupcake stand for my oldest son's birthday in November, love the idea! I also love the slime idea!

  4. Your cupcake stand looks fantastic!

  5. Wow - that looks great and not too hard. Thanks for sharing.

  6. the cakestand is beatiful, could be a centerpiece, and I love the decorated bags for the slime!

  7. looks great! Did you see the one that Ame and I did for Emily's birthday?

  8. What a beautiful idea! It turned out gorgeous!!

    I just wanted to mention that when my kids were small, when we had empty food boxes (cereal, cake mix, rice, potato flakes, etc.) I would flatten the boxes and cut the front from the back and then put them away. When the kids needed something to paint on, I would get the boxes out and they could paint on the backside of them. It was really a good way to recycle and keep the paints from bleeding through. It also kept my husband happy because the kids were not dipping into his computer printer paper. lol...............

    Have a good one.


  9. I just saw this and I am in love with both ideas. I can't wait to use the slime party bags. i will attempt the Cupcake stand also.

  10. Super cute, What size boards did you use?

  11. Made mine with cake board circles then used a double walled candle holder between the boards, filled the holders with a shiny shredded paper and a small battery operated tealight. the shiny paper reflected the lite, held the candel holders and cake boards together with glue dots.

  12. this is a great idea! i'm definetly doing this for my 13th birthday party in April!

  13. this is a great idea! I'm definetly doing this for my 13th birthday party in April!