Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go-To Meals

Tonya at Small Town Louisiana Girl has a Penny Pinching Parade every Tuesday. My frugal tip is to have a couple of cheap and easy meals that can be made in a pinch. We don't eat out often but we are tempted on days that I dropped the ball and didn't plan ahead. We easily spend $30 or more on a meal out.....where I spend less than $10 on almost every meal I make. For occasions such as these you should have a back up. I have two that I can think of that are thrown together easily and I usually have the items on hand.

Rice - $1.50

Sausage - $2.50

Onion soup mix - .50

Bag of frozen peas - $1.00

Complete meal for 4 - $5.50

12 eggs - $1.30

Milk - .75

Flour - pennies

Bread - .75

Can't say it's a complete meal (no veggies) but only $2.80 for the main dish

I'm sure I have several others but the key is to REMEMBER them when the time comes. Go over to Penny Pinching Parade to see more frugal tips!


  1. Love the idea! Sound Yummy to! TFS

  2. I can totally relate to "dropping the ball" for dinner and being tempted to call my husband to pick something up on the way home. Having "go to" meals is a great idea! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Thanks for playing!! Those are some great fast cheap recipes.