Thursday, December 18, 2008

Something Special

The fine china we got for our wedding doesn't even have the tags taken off of it. What am I waiting for? It's not like I plan on hosting elegant dinner parties any time soon. The kind of gatherings we host consist of paper plates and good friends hanging around the food on the kitchen counter. We certainly don't have a dinning table big enough for more than one or two guests, and that is a stretch. Good thing we have a huge counter!

Tonight's advent event is to have a fancy dinner. We dress up (the girls put on princess costumes), break out the fine china, and have a normal meal. The kids get so excited. I set the table early so they get to look at the pretty things all day. I even folded the napkins. We are having frozen pizza, goldfish, pineapple, carrots/ranch and ice cream (their choice of menu). It is a big deal to them.

I need to remember to do this for their birthdays as well. It's so easy. It's free. They feel so special. And the china gets dusted! Bonus!

1 comment:

  1. I love your idea. My 3-year-old daughter would love dressing up and using the china as a treat. Did you and your husband dress up too?