Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Huckabee and Me

A friend of ours invited Mark and I to their school's Christmas Dinner (thanks t!!). They had Mike Huckabee as their speaker (I thought, WOW! How did they get him....but they rattled off some of their past speakers - Oliver North, Alan Keyes, etc. So I guess they can get some powerhouses). This is not a school I could afford to send my kids to!

This year's primaries were the first time I ever really cared about politics. I watched the first few debates and found out Huckabee was the guy for me. I really liked him and agreed with him about the majority of issues. I even sported a bumper sticker (yes, I did take it off once he was out of the race). Our friends knowing this, we were invited to this very elegant dinner. It was the second time I have been away from home since the baby was born. Both the baby and I did fine. We both only cried a little bit.

To open up the show Mike played his bass with some kids from the school. He's big into art/music education. Nice for someone to actually walk the walk. His speech was amazing. What a dynamic speaker. The first half was pretty much a stand up act, as he is such a funny storyteller and the second half, serious and oh, so truthful (preach it Brother Mike).

We all got signed copies of his newest book (I guess I can return my copy to the library before it's due date :). He wasn't doing a "photo opportunity" because he was on his way to the airport but I made my own. That's why it looks like I'm jumping into the photo. Reminds me of my college days, except no, despite my goofy smile and crazy eyes, I was not drinking.


  1. We were rooting for Huckabee too. How fun that you got to hear him talk. Your picture cracked me up.

  2. LOL, fun stuff!! Leaving the baby can be tough but I am glad you had fun and could relax! Good luck BTW!! :)