Thursday, December 4, 2008

EASY Crock Pot Chicken-Fried Chops

I have a go-to pork chop recipe which I love. It has a nice gravy and caramelized onions that I adore (and pick out for the kids). Goes great with my "mashed potatoes" (aka cauliflower and very few potatoes). It's making my mouth water right now. The problem was that I wanted to go to spinning class which was at dinner cooking time (so I could eat the gravy without regret) and it took too long to start it after I returned. SO....I went to Taste of Home and took my chances.

I found this Chicken-Fried Chops recipe for the crock pot. I knew the "Chicken-Fried" part would go over well with my husband. Little did I know this will now be my go-to chop dish. It was incredible and the time it took was so much less than the other. I am always a little suspect of dishes with canned cream soup, but the crock pot turns it into something magical. Now that I think about it, the crock pot potato soup recipe that we always battle for the leftovers also has cream of chicken soup. Anyway, you should try it if you are looking for a quick fix. I'm even going to make it next week when my relatives come to town. It was THAT good!

For the faux mashed potatoes, steam cauliflower and boil just a few potatoes. With mine the cauli far outweighs the potatoes. You could do half and half if you are skeptical. I leave some potatoes in because it gives them a better consistency. Mash them all together like you normally would. I add chicken bouillon, butter, and milk. Now you have some sneaky mashed potatoes that have a little better nutritional content. AND you are getting two veggies in one. Nobody noticed when I made the switch. I couldn't help tell my husband that what he was eating had cauli. I don't dare tell the kids....

Enjoy your day.


  1. This recipe sounds delicious, thanks!

  2. oooo! THat sounds good. I do a crock pot recipe once a week so I am always looking for new ones!

    I just tagged you!