Monday, December 1, 2008

Pretty Princess Cake

I make a cake this week for a special friend of ours, Ashlyn. She had a princess theme birthday party (complete with a HUGE castle made from several appliance boxes - they had to clear their front room of all furniture, a royal beauty parlor, and a pin the kiss on a frog game - cute!). She chose a castle cake. I choose to use marshmallow fondant for the first time (use YouTube instructions to see how), but only for the accents. I'm still not brave enough to cover a whole cake with the stuff. I don't like how regular fondant tastes but this marshmallow stuff was good. A little messy, but easy to make.....and I made it about a month ago and it kept very well in the refrigerator.

I haven't taken any cake classes and have been learning new things each cake I do. The lesson I learned on this one is that vanilla frosting is not really white....Classic White frosting is white. So Ashlyn ended up with an ivory castle. Not too shabby for a fondant frog prince!


  1. WOW!! Do you ship to Hawaii?? Now I feel even worse about going all Betty Crocker for my daughter's very first birthday. You really are talented.

  2. Wow! That's an awesome cake. Great job.