Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's in a Name?

My parents have each of our first kindergarten paintings framed. I grew up during the first Star Wars era so mine is cluttered with rainbows, houses, people, and the Millennium Falcon (OK, I doubt this is the name of the spacecraft but I tried to it up on line with no luck. I was young and pretty much copies everything my older brother did.). You get the picture. In each frame is a card with our name and it's meaning. It was fun for Emma to see what mommy did at her age.

Emma: "Hey mom, what's this?"
Me: "That is my name and it's meaning."
Emma: "Wow! Your name means princess?" (I'm sure in disbelief)
Me: "Sure does. Everyone's name has a meaning."
Emma: "Do you think my name means talker?"

LOL! So that morning we looked up the meaning of each family member's name. It was fun. She loved it.

In case you are wondering, Emma means universal or entire. I think that means that she is talking the ENTIRE time....


  1. LOL... thats funny bc last night we were looking at baby names and their meanings (and no I am not pregnant but have been trying for sometime) atleast we will be prepared with names LOL and we actually did pick a name bc of its meaning!!

  2. Great photo. I love that you can look up what a name really means..

  3. Too funny. It's fun being a "princess", isn't it?