Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Works For Me! Lunch Box Napkins

I love to stick a fun napkin in with my daughter's lunch with a little note on it. I have napkins for all the different holidays and such. I just want to make lunch away from home special for them. A few months back I made cloth napkins for the house and just love I'd been thinking how I could do cloth napkins for lunch boxes but still have them special. I found the answer in antique hankies. They fit my list of wants:

Cheap (had a few but also picked up a lot of 21 on ebay for $12)

Small (perfect size)

Reusable (and no big deal to launder with the rest of the napkins)

Different (they are all different and got a few Cristmas ones as well)

Special (they are FANCY, with crocheted edges and embroidery)

I write a tiny note on a scrap of paper (I plan on sewing little note pockets onto them) and they are good to go.

The only thing you might have noticed is that most of them are white. I am thinking that once they get pretty stained that I will dye them the girl's favorite colors (or tie dye them a bunch of colors).

This works for me! Check out We Are THAT Family for more Works For Me Wednesday ideas!

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  1. I bet she feels so special opening her lunchbox everyday! So cute! ♥