Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Take Me Back 80's

*****EDIT*****LOL - I originally put 1993...1994...etc. but this is for SURE the 80's!!!
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This is me and my (still) good friends Andrea and Lori. This must have been right after Christmas because we got Cabbage Patch Kids. 1983 - Third grade. The jacket I am wearing EVERYONE had in our small town. If you were a kid, you had a "Packer Jacket" with the flap in the back (guys jackets didn't have the flap but a maroon and gold collar) and your name embroidered on the front. In high school you just moved on to a nicer quality jacket which had your letters on it. Andrea (top picture) moved to Texas when we were younger so she was exempt :) The picture with Lori was on our way to Winter Carnival festivities. Fun stuff!

This picture, which is 1983 or 1984 ( edit...this is 1985 - 5th grade), is the epitome of 80's elementary school fashion. I'm working it ALL here....big bow, springy earrings, layered shirts, polo collar UP, springy bracelets, bandanna around the waist, pin striped pants...which are most likely rolled or pinned tight around the ankles. Make fun all you want - LOL - at least I wasn't in my 20's sporting the same style. I'm sure blue eye shadow would have been involved at that point.


  1. You are TOTALLY working the 90's thing! These are darling pictures!

  2. I love these pictures... lol!!


  3. Great pictures and take it from a twenty-something of the eighties, blue eye shadow was a MUST for the big girls!!!! Oh, and big shirts with the buttons down the back! Gosh, I haven't thought about those in YEARS!!! Thanks so much for the walk down memory lane! Have a great day.

    Many hugs........


  4. Ha Ha! I saw this earlier, and I was thinking I was pretty old if you were only in 3rd grade the year I graduated from HS. Good to know the 90's thing was just a typo! LOL GREAT pics too!