Friday, May 8, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday - Boo Boo Pack

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This week I made rice heat therapy wrap and cooling eye pillow sets for gifts. With some scrap fabric I decided I could make small rice packs to store in the freezer to use for our MANY bumps and bruises. They are nice and soft (I used a satiny fabric), form to whatever area needs comfort, small enough for little hands, and are cool without the bite of an ice pack. We have already used it several times.
1.Cut two small rectangles of fabric.
2.With right sides together, sew three sides.
3.Flip right side out and fill about 2/3 full with rice.
4.Sew closed.
5.Stick in a plastic bag and freeze. Easy.

**New Carnival**
Domestically Challenged 3baybchicks and I am living Proof God Has A Sense of Humor
are started a blog contest called We Heart Art, where they feature children's art. They are going to have people put up pics of their children's artwork, and then link up for prizes. Their first post is up today and gives the details as to what they are going to do. Go check it out! You KNOW that your children will give you a little more time to blog if they know you are post their art :)


  1. This is a great idea, and a useful one too! Thanks for posting it :)

  2. I love these! Might save us on band-aids too!

  3. Love the boo-boo pack idea!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I'd love to get one of these for myself!

  5. This is wonderful- thanks for the idea!

  6. Great idea. Your little girl looks so pained in the picture! I hope the pack helped her right away. Poor baby : ).