Monday, November 15, 2010

Advent is Coming! - Works for Me!

I have posted in years past about how my family makes the Advent season a special time in our home. Believe it or not, it's that time of year again. Advent starts in 2 weeks (Sunday, November 28)! For these 4 weeks leading up to Christmas we devote all of our evenings to a family activity. It can be as easy as looking through photo albums or game night. It will include school programs, cookie baking, and acts of service. My entire family looks forward to our time spent together preparing for Jesus' birthday!

Go HERE to read more about the overall celebration.

Go HERE to see a list of Christmas books that we read.

Go HERE to see a list of the specific activities we did last year.

Go HERE to see the little boxes the girls get to open each morning to see what activity we will do that day.

I need to get working on our schedule for this year. The girls get excited when they see the basket out and know they will get to start searching for the right box!
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  1. We do something similar, except that the activities aren't all in the evening, and they include lots of other things that otherwise turn the season into a madhouse. You know: cookie baking. Shopping for Giving Tree. That kind of stuff. I actually wrote a book about that, and some purely religious activiites, which is available this year--Joy to the World: Advent Activities for your Family. I'm thrilled to find someone else who's making this idea work!