Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Make Your Own Raw Fruit and Nut Bar - Apple Pie

I love Larabars; especially the Apple Pie and Peanut Butter Cookie ones.

I also love the ingredient lists.
Peanut Butter Cookie: Peanuts, Dates, Salt.
Apple Pie: Dates, Almonds, Unsweetened Apples, Walnuts, Raisins, Cinnamon.

I can do that!
And this evening I did (even though it looks rather odd).

My apple pie raw foods bar SaraBars:

4 dates

10 almonds

6 dried apples (wedges, less rings)

3 walnut halves

handful of raisins

about 1/2 tsp cinnamon

give or take

Process in food processor until uniform chunkiness. I know, not a scientific term, but if you have ever had a Larabar, you will know about when to stop. You could puree it to smithereens, which shouldn't effect the test, just the texture. Mine wasn't quite as mushy - probably could use another date. Although when I ate the rest the next day it was perfect! Play around with it. They are good and you can't really mess up much.

What's best is that my two year old tried it and liked it so I made little balls for her to much on.

I can't wait to experiment with different flavors! Did you see the list of flavors they have??

My Publix carries 5.....there are a TON I never knew existed.

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  1. This sounds like the perfect snack! I don't ever buy the bars because they're so pricey (here, at least)...but I could totally go for making a big batch of this...sounds great! Thank you for sharing it with the hearth and soul hop this week :D

  2. What a wonderful healthy recipe. It's so much cheaper to make your own bars.

  3. This sounds really delicious, and really healthy too. What a great recipe!

  4. Looks really delicious indeed!
    How many bars could you make with the specified ingredients?
    Thx :)

  5. I don't really know how many bars you can get. I should have measured the ounces compared to the weight of an original bar!