Friday, January 21, 2011


A salad using the mesculin from my garden!  It is really going strong and these mixed green salads are fabulous!  Ain't she pretty?!?

I finally tried a fried egg on a hamburger and loved it.  Egg yolk is one of my favorite tastes and it did not disappoint on the burger.  I am experimenting with it on pizza, which still needs a little work!  Anyone make fried egg pizzas?

This is an out from my niece who is now 10.  So cute!

I got several big boxes from CSN  Stores for my review which is coming up next week.  There's nothing quite like a box for a little fun!

No matter how old you get!

We have been one sick family this week.  Mimi on Monday, Little Bit on Tuesday, Bigs on Thursday, and me today.  I thought this one was passing me by.  I was sadly mistaken.  It's only 24 hours of fever (hopefully for me too, only time will tell).  Not too bad.  We have had lots of pajama days this week!

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