Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kids in the Kitchen - Jesus' Birthday Cake

My girls have been asking for some time about decorating their own cake. We always make a birthday cake for Jesus, so I thought it would be the perfect time. We frosted our cake with chocolate buttercream (because I was dying to make a chocolate buttercream) and we tinted some white frosting red and green. I just let them loose with the frosting and a bunch of know where this is going, right? Sprinkle overload! WooHoo! They sure enjoyed themselves :)

These were easy for the little hands to work with....I thought pastry bags might be a little too hard.

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  1. Aww looks like a ton of fun!! And of course Jesus needs lots of sprinkles! :D

  2. Very nice! I want to start a tradition next year of making a HAppy Birthday Jesus cake!!

  3. Very nice...

    Happy New Year..