Saturday, December 26, 2009

FNCCC Postponed....Blog vacation

I am taking an impromptu vacation this week. My kids and husband are off of school and I am playing along. I'm sorry for those of you who are all set for George Duran's post this week but I'm going to push it back until January 6th (hopefully you all are as behind as I am and in need of a rest)....which means I need to push all of the weeks back so the list of chefs/dates right now is wrong (did you even know there was a list?). I will fix them sometime this week. Until then, have a wonderful week and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Twenty-Ten...who would have thought it would come so quickly??


  1. Enjoy your vacation! We'll see you in the new year :)

  2. Have a great vacation! It's like you're timing it just to make my life easier :).

  3. Happy New Year..

    See you next year..

    Until then enjoy your family..

  4. Yea a blog-cation, enjoy it and have a wonderful new year!!