Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hubby and the kids have vacation this week so I'm on a blog vacation. I am also doing my first wedding cake this weekend (actually a 50th anniversary cake but it's a replication of their wedding cake) and I'm starting to have cake nightmares. The party is on and I haven't even started baking yet.....then I can't frost the cake without it falling apart.....then I have a spill carrying it.....darn cake nightmares :)

We'll resume with Food Notwork Chef's Cooking Challenge and Kid Friendly Friday next week. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

GO Gators!


  1. Good luck with your cake. I know it will look wonderful..

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Good luck with the cake...I'm sure it'll turn out like a DREAM instead of the nightmare you envision!

    Cheers to a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day!

  3. Have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving:-)