Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Way to Connect 4

Little Bit loves to play Connect 4.  We can play 15 to 20 games in a row.  The problem is, she doesn't get the concept of the game.  She likes to take turns (great skill) and fill the entire board up, then poke each one out the bottom.  So I am not completely bored, I try to get as many four in a rows, while not allowing her to get any.  LOL.  Sounds easy but it's not.  I try to make these game marathons interesting! 

Yesterday I just couldn't play another game so I tried to get her to make patterns with the pieces instead.  She liked it.  I then tried to do some freehand shapes with her but it was a bit too much, so instead I drew the shapes on paper so she could follow the outline.   It worked well.  She would make the shape and tell me what it was.  We even got some math in there for the making the square (I put X's on the square outline so she would know how many to put on each side).

Do you re purpose the games at your house?

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