Monday, July 18, 2011

Little Gasparilla Island

My in-laws just had their 50th wedding anniversary and to celebrate the entire family spent a week on "Gilligan's Island" - more commonly known as Little Gasparilla Island.   There are no cars, stores, restaurants, etc. on the island so the ferry was our lifeline.  It took Scarlett a while to understand that the "fairy" was not going to fly us over to the island.  We packed pretty much everything we needed but did have to make a few trips to mainland to pick up more groceries.   We stayed in condos (which Scarlett called condors) right next door to the star in the above photo.   Beautiful!

There were so many shells!  The Gulf coast is known for it's shells and this island didn't disappoint.  Sanibel and Captiva were just south of where we were. 
The sand bar right off the coast was full of sand dollars.  It was an easy swim from shore.  At times all 12 grandchildren where out there.  There were a few days that the water was very calm and tide very low which made for easy sand dollar finding.  We also found sea stars, conchs, and clams.  So fun to look at nature up close.  Three of the mornings that I ran, when the ocean was calm, dolphins surfaced not 40 feet from shore (in between the shore and the sand bar).  I am positive they can see on shore because each time they would come up parallel to me and swim along with me as I ran.  If that isn't motivation to get up and run each day, I'm not sure what is!

 We also found shark's teeth.  Lots and lots of them in all different shapes, colors and sizes.  You could find one every foot if you looked enough.  I can't imagine how there are so many in one place but this was a great place to find them. 

There was a full moon on the last night which lit up the sky.  We were hoping to go out to try and see baby sea turtles hatching but never made it.  The next morning I looked at the nests around the condo but none were disturbed, so I don't think we missed it.

We had a perfect week with family and made many memories.  I hope to take our family there for OUR 50th anniversary :)


  1. Looks like ya all had a great time. I love it out there... :-) Enjoy the rest of your summer

  2. That looks like so much fun!