Thursday, July 14, 2011

Better Homes and Gardens from 1969

When we were visiting my parents my mom had me go through all these Better Homes and Gardens she had saved from the late 60's and early 70's.  I loved looking at them.  They made every food item in a mold.  There's just something about a meat mold that doesn't appeal to me.  Most of the ads were selling convenience foods (lots of cake and pasta mixes), diet foods, carpeting or more efficient appliances.  Take a look at a few of my favorites (although I didn't not remember to take the Flame Thrower ad - a flame stick that was used to trim edges and deice walkways).

This SPAM ad cracks me up.  Do you see the SPAM pizza?  Oh, yum.  Kabobs?  They are going out on a limb here trying to make SPAM a little elegant. Can you name SEVEN meats that might be in SPAM?  I don't even want to think about it.

They tried to get everyone to fully carpet their bathrooms and kitchens.  Who thought this was a good idea?  Were the vibrant colors to mask all the stains and mildew?  Lots of the kitchen carpets had groovy patterns.  Functional?

Above is an article that highlighted foods that travel well.  How would you like the person your sitting next to to whip open a sandwich bag with this funky bacon wrapped meat and egg loaf?  Think that would travel well?  I don't think it would make you very popular with the other people in the airplane.

Crazy get-slim-quick ploys were prevalent.  Look at these sweet Trim Jeans.  That woman is sitting there leisurely reducing her waist, tummy, hips, and thighs!  It's a miracle! 

Funny slogans.  Don't judge him by his length....But can we judge him by his collar and how many buttons are left undone?

Really, my mother actually HAS these Pyrex dishes.  We used the one in the front with the daisy print top several times while I was there.  Gotta love the colors.  And apparently very durable.

Beer can decor.  Don't laugh, my parents made these end tables when my dad worked for Grain Belt back in the early 70's (?).  They still sit in their basement.  Memories.....(OK, you can laugh!).  I have to admit that they are dear to my heart.

And would you believe that the article titles could have been right out of a magazine today?  Nothing has changed except the quality of pictures.  If you are in Florida and follow education at all, you will appreciate this.  How is it that we are STILL talking about the exact same stuff?


  1. We always had carpet in our bathrooms but it was only in front of the sinks... the toilet and bath surround was laminate or tile. The whole idea of having a toilet overflow onto carpet sorta makes me queasy inside... haha!

    I love the Pyrex ad! I wish they still made them in those awesome patterns.

  2. Oh those are too funny. I love looking at old magazines and such like that.. how fun!

  3. Love this!!! The beer can table is very "retro-chic" I can totally see that on HGTV design star!!! The merit pay for teachers is crazy! They just had that on the news last night. There was a huge cheating scandal last school year affecting 140-170 teachers and principals.

  4. Those magazine pages are awesome! I love looking at things from the past :)