Sunday, January 2, 2011

UNO For Jesus! Get them while they're a buck!

On my trip to Ukraine this summer we played a lot of card games with the kids at the orphanage. UNO and Blink are both great games when there are language barriers. The kids had already played UNO before and had some pretty funny rules (i.e. everyone puts there hand in the middle when a 7 is played and the last person with their hand there has to take two cards).

One boy in our group didn't really want that much to do with us (while so many of the others just craved the attention). We prayed about it that night and the next morning Hannah ended up playing UNO with a group of kids, this boy included. They played marathon games and after that the boy was completely changed. We dubbed this "UNO for Jesus". LOL.

Here are Hannah and Dima below. She is at the orphanage with him right now! That is so awesome. Her mother looked into adopting him but Ukrainian law dictates that single parents cannot adopt. Next year, when he turns 16 he will age out of the orphanage and be on his own.

Anyway....what I wanted to share is that 40th Anniversary UNO games are ONLY A DOLLAR this week as Target.

(They are usually $5 or $6!)

Anyone up for a game of UNO? These will be for a future missions trip.

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  1. Wow! That game has been around for a long time!!!