Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Media Should Step Up

I know you have all heard of the church in Gainesville, FL who is planning a Quran burning bonfire this Saturday. It really saddens me. The name of the church is Dove World Outreach Center. Maybe they need to reconsider that. Sometimes it's hard to be a Christian, when others who call themselves Christians get it so wrong.

It looks like the church has no intention of calling it off. So why can't the media step in and NOT COVER IT? What good does coverage do? Ignite more hatred. Unfortunately, it's all about the money. A good story is sure to "sell", even if it causes nothing but animosity, or even human lives, if General Petraeus is right.

Would it do any good for the media NOT to cover it? What do you think?


  1. Amen. I cannot stand seeing media coverage of things like this. Even if it wouldn't make a difference, I don't think they need exposure. At the same time I understand what a fine line we're treading. What they are doing is disgusting but they have the right to do it. Blech.

  2. When my aging grandpa failed to realize he shouldn't drive, the family did an "intervention."
    This clown/"pastor" could sure use one!
    He may have the "right to do it" but why does the media seems obligated to supply the fuel?

  3. I hate that the world sees this as a representation of our country. It must be to them, otherwise why would it be so heavily covered in the media? What they don't realize is that the media now focuses on the deviant, instead of the norm.
    I have heard this "pastor" is in jeopardy of being evicted and this is a stunt to raise money. Why would anyone give this idiot money?
    And what about the 50 people that attend his "church"?

  4. I think that the pastor is NOT representing the values and ideology of Jesus. Oftentimes, the words "church" and "christianity" unfortunately don't coincide with the teachings of Jesus. I think burning the Qur'an is offensive, intolerant, disrespectful, disgraceful, and does not promote peace, unity, tolerance, and acceptance. The first amendment gives us freedom, but with that freedom comes responsibility. If anything, I think that the media coverage has allowed a dialogue to commence and exist among Muslims, Christians, Jews, Catholics, etc... to promote positive acceptance of other faiths. I'm not sure that interfaith dialogue would have been taken to the level that it was recently without the media coverage. So I think that at least we can take that positive step of it. Other than that, I think that in other parts of the world promotion of such an abhorrent act incites hatred and allows extremists in other areas to use it as a tool in their brain washing and own disgraceful acts. It saddens me that neither faith is accurately represented by such individuals. But for me, it has been nice to see media coverage of imams who are doing good in our country and providing a diversity and strength to it with wisdom. I don't think it helps anyone to burn a Qur'an and it goes against civil justice....also it's just insulting to both parties with 9/11 and Eid al-Fitr coinciding...