Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All the Small Things - Works for Me!

What is this? It's my sanity.
My three girls strew things from one end of the house to another. I can't stand random things laying around so I started the catch all basket. Whenever I trip over something that is lying around I throw it in the basket. When the basket gets full, I let everyone know they should find what is theirs and put it away. Whatever is left gets tossed.
This doesn't replace cleaning up after themselves. That gets done whenever they take things out to play. This does replace me constantly running around putting random things away when I'm on my way to do something else. I thought the site of the basket would get to me but it's actually pretty calming. It's nice just to be able to throw something in the basket and call it a day!
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  1. Huh! I have a basket like that too:-)

  2. Great idea...I agree! However, now I have way too many baskets! Go figure!