Thursday, December 10, 2009

FNCCC assignment #15 Ellie Krieger

This week our featured chef is Ellie Krieger, who has hundreds of recipes posted on Food Network's web site. I have never seen her show but from her bio I get that it would fit into my style of cooking.
"A New York Times best-selling author, Ellie Krieger is a renowned registered dietitian specializing in nutrition and health communications. As the host of Food Network's Healthy Appetite, Ellie demonstrates that cooking healthy food can be quick, easy and delicious even when life becomes busy and stressful. She also shares unique strategies for eating well in challenging situations such as the office, restaurants, and vacation while explaining the confusing nutritional and diet information currently on the market."

We will be posting recipes from Ellie on Wednesday, December 16. I bet you can even find a Christmas cookie recipe if you are getting overwhelmed with everything on your plate during the holiday season. I can't wait to see what you are cooking!

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  1. oh I made some cookies. I will have to check her out and see what I may be able to do..