Thursday, December 17, 2009

FNCCC Assignment #16 - Emeril Lagasse

I'm pretty sure Emeril is no longer on Food Network (anyone know?) but that doesn't stop us from choosing from one of his 5,776 recipes! This may be a bad search, but I didn't have time to look through all 482 pages of recipes (no kidding). I wouldn't be surprised though. He is my favorite Food Network chef to watch. I want to cook everything he is making because he makes it look SO GOOD!

If you have never heard of Emeril it may be time to get out a little more often. He has restaurants, cookware, food products (his essence is SO wonderful), cookbooks.....and his signature, bam(!), is known by many.
Here is his website. Here is the search I did for his recipes on FN. Take your pick. Dare I say, you are guaranteed to find something you like? We will post his recipes on Wednesday, December 23. Can't wait to see what you are cooking!


  1. I do not know either. I do like him though..

  2. Emeril Live is now on the Fine Living Network but they do still show old episodes of The Essense of Emeril on food tv :D