Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kids in the Kitchen - Chocolate Covered Bananas

These were among Aida Mollencamp's recipes as Mexican Chocolate Frozen Bananas - the chef for next week's challenge. Thought they were too easy for the challenge but PERFECT for Kids in the Kitchen!

The actual recipe is linked above but we just melted some chocolate melts and cinnamon in a plastic bag (omitted the oil it calls for). The girls drizzled it on the bananas, smeared it around with their fingers and covered them in toppings (coconut and sunflower seeds). We did this at breakfast time so they would have plenty of time in the freezer for an after school snack.

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  1. Then maybe my little one will eat them. Thanks...

  2. They look so yum! I need to make these one for Lu! I wish I liked bananas better LOL! :)

  3. Those look delicious. Looks like I have a project for this evening. :)