Friday, June 29, 2012

We Have Been....

 Right when school got out we packed up the minivan and headed out.  And now we are back and I'm feeling as if summer is already over.  Agghh.  I think it's just the amount of unpacking I still have to do.

Our first stop: Chattanooga.  We stop there every year and check out something different each time.  This year we went to the Tennessee Aquarium.  They have a building that is a river journey and a different one that is the ocean journey.  Both have lots to see.  Here the girls are at the sting ray tank waiting for one to breeze by.  Fun stuff.

Next we stopped in Indianapolis for a visit with their cousins. At some point on every visit they end up dressing up, acting crazy, and modeling for us.

Wisconsin wins the award for the most large animal statues.  This one, a particularly
 angry chicken,  was in the parking lot of a diner.  You can see the large cow in the distance.  Honestly, there are several animals on the road from Milwaukee to St. Paul.  Apparently, it's their thing.  And yes, there is also a giant cheese.

I attended my 20th reunion while I was home.  It was a lot of fun to see old friends.  We had a graduating class of a little less than 200 and almost all of us had lived in South St. Paul all our lives.  The kids you went to kindergarten with were the kids you graduated with.  Just say we all know each other pretty well.  My good friends and I had to go out the night before so we could spend time with other people the next night.  There's just too much to talk about!

The following day we had to get all of our kids together.  They had a blast.  The girls way outnumbered the boys.  Hopefully they will grow up knowing each other, even if they see each other once a year.  It's great to have out-of-state friends.

That gets us through the first week.  Part 2 to come...

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